• Connectivity

    TRiLOC GPS Locator

    Wristwatch with locating system for people with special needs

    Designed to adapt to different environments and different users, this ergonomic product comes with a reinforced, tamper-resistant bracelet, a shell made with two different polymers by overinjection moulding and advanced technology on three flexible printed circuit boards.

  • Connectivity

    OM Smart Box

    Biotronic platform for measuring and analyzing biometric data in athletes during training or performance

    Placed in a strategic spot on the garment, the OM Smart Box is connected via a customized system, which ensures data transfer while the user is in action. Highly resistant, wireless and stylish, the OM Smart Box is made with performance in mind.

  • Connectivity

    Smart Camera and Geopad

    Image and video capture devices for hunters

    These products are sturdy and weatherproof. The protective shell houses a smart system for capturing movement and images using infrared technology. In addition to their respective applications, their outer patterns designed with “water transfer” technology give them their own personality.

  • Medical


    Electric stimulator patented for targeted fat loss during exercise

    This stimulator scientifically proven to promote fat loss in areas of the body targeted by the user is equipped with Adipotronics technology. This unique device complete with electrodes was manufactured on a small scale in order to complete clinical trials and meet Health Canada requirements.

  • Medical

    Fit & Lean

    Device that transforms fat cells into free fatty acids required during exercise

    The device was designed in direct collaboration with users in order to provide them with an experience adapted to their specific needs. This innovative product generates a low-intensity current (6 mA) that is passed through the skin by electrodes that are placed on the more stubborn areas. Every component is housed in a case designed to adapt to the targeted users’ anatomy.

  • Medical

    RXPense® Hub

    Medication managing, dispensing and remote monitoring system

    This system comes with an app for healthcare personnel, a secure Cloud-based component, a personal app and an email alert function and reminds you to take the right medication at the right time. It was designed in close collaboration with experts in electronics, software and mobile apps. Every aspect related to the user, mechanics or functionality, whether it was preliminary design, obtaining the patents, serial production or the development of three levels of prototypes, was strictly controlled for approval by the FDA.