Modeling, prototyping and ergonomics

  /  Modeling, prototyping and ergonomics

Give shape to your ideas, test their feasibility and have your product in hand.

We are specialists in 3D modelling of your product and its prototyping. This is an essential tool to validate the concepts concretely and make any necessary improvements. Once the prototype is produced, you are ready to present your product.

Tak Design’s seasoned team supports you from the beginning up to the marketing of your product.

Steps to accomplish your project:

  • 3D, complex, surface, sheet metal modelling
  • Short-run and medium-run prototypes
  • Modes for sales presentations
  • Development models
  • Test and precertification models
  • Ergonomic and contextual study
  • Mechanical, volume and ergonomic validation tests
  • Subcontracted 3D printing (STL, SLS, FBM, etc.)
  • Prototyping shop available (metal, wood, plastic, paint)