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Industrial design, driving emotions

Industrial design adopts a work methodology that puts people at the centre of the design of a product or a service. It is a series of steps and iterations that seek to trigger an emotional connection between the user and the product. This emotional trigger may be activated by several characteristics: good design, stylistic value, quality-price ratio or the performance of a product or a service.

Do you have an idea to perfect, or do you want to develop a product for marketing? We have the expertise to help you fulfill your dream and support you through each step of the industrial design process.

Make your product stand out through the results of serious reflection and a concern for optimum design.

Our team of product development specialists rigorously analyzes each facet of design to offer the best for your project.

At Tak Design, whether your needs are stylistic, ergonomic or engineering, our designers and engineers work together to achieve your design objectives. Every detail is carefully considered, because our primary motivation is to meet your expectations while putting your user at the centre of our thinking.

We apply our competencies and knowhow to serve success, while ensuring your peace of mind. Tak Design will make every effort to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Research and development
  • Assistance in writing the specifications
  • Validation of your concept’s feasibility
  • Conceptual design
  • Design and stylistic studies
  • Mechanical design and engineering
  • Detailed development of parts for: injection, moulding, extrusion, forming, thermoforming, machining, stamping, etc.
  • Production documentation
  • Price request for parts and tools
  • Assistance for selection of manufacturers
  • Prefabrication follow-up
  • Analysis and compliance report

Industrial design or mechanical engineering?

The professions of industrial designer and mechanical engineer are often confused or poorly distinguished in North America. In Europe, these two professions are clearly distinct. One deals with stylistics and the user experience, while the other takes charge of mechanical design in its entirety, selection of materials and the economic aspects. On this side of the Atlantic, the boundary between these professions is a little more blurred.
At Tak Design, our designers take charge of:

  • Project management
  • Deployment of the project’s objectives and performance criteria (writing the specifications)
  • Creation of concepts in CAD (computer-assisted design) software
  • Mechanical development of the parts
  • Preparation of technical drawings for manufacturing
  • Quality control
    In general, the work of a mechanical engineer in an industrial design firm plays a supporting role in the deployment of mechanical or support solutions concerning the critical aspects of performance or user safety involved.

The process of design

The design process

Identification of the needs: an essential step in the industrial design process

The industrial designer specializes in identification of the needs for a product’s design. Whether in assessing the needs of the end user or the maintenance teams, the requirements of the product during its lifecycle, or the consequences of the product’s end-of-life, the designer analyzes all the variables of the product with a systemic approach to innovation.

  • Pre-project feasibility assessment
  • Writing specifications
  • Identification and quantification of performance requirements
  • Assessment of design and development costs

Ideation in product development

At every development stage of an innovative product, the industrial designer uses creativity for systemic resolution of the multiple challenges encountered. The designer’s ideas are concretized by prototyping steps. During this phase, we create prototypes of every kind to solve the different challenges of innovation.

The development phase

The product development phase of mechanical design is Tak Design’s real strength. We develop dozens of products a year for clients from every horizon. During its 15 years of operation, Tak Design has collaborated in the development of 1500 projects.

“1500 design projects in 15 years of operations”

In this development phase, our experienced designers can design each part and mechanism of your future product. They will produce 3D designs and technical drawings (industrial drawings) that will allow you to go ahead with your future commercial success. At Tak Design, nothing is left to chance, from the design details to the choice of materials, from the textures to the finishing stage. Everything is conceived and documented throughout according to precise ANSI standards that will allow you to obtain high-quality compliant products.

“…They all have the knowledge to carry out any project successfully, big or small.”

Google opinion: Marc Tremblay, Precicast

Preproduction, the real test for our designs

Tak Design’s strength in product design comes from its expertise resulting from its great involvement in a project’s preproduction steps. This is when design or development problems arise. Also, in a continuous improvement perspective, Tak Design’s partners launched Four Splines, a company offering all of a product’s production launch services. Connections with an impressive list of suppliers, estimating, tool manufacturing, quality control, final assembly and delivery of all kinds of products. This preproduction expertise catapulted the technical expertise of these designers into a class of its own.