Mechanical engineering

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Do you want to develop a product? Trust our team of experienced engineers.

We can help you design it while meeting the standards. Our in-house engineers work with your design team to validate your idea and your product’s design, assembly, mechanical development and efficient operation.

Each mechanical component plays a role, as well as the choice of materials and hardware. We take care to analyze these determining factors in the development of your product.

You have the ideas and we have the expertise to implement your project.

Steps to accomplish your project:

  • Design certified by our engineers
  • Design for dynamic assembly
  • Mechanical development
  • Design compliance
  • Structural, static and dynamic analyses
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Search for mechanical components
  • Selection of materials and hardware
  • Dimensional, collision and interference analysis
  • Specifications and production documentation
  • Project management