By mandating Tak Design

IONODES wanted:

  • a shock-resistant and weather-resistant case;
  • a distinctive ergonomic design;
  • a quick position on the market;
  • a relationship of trust to be supported during the camera’s production launch.

Here are the different objectives Tak Design had to achieve during the development of this new intervention camera system. A well-designed, shock-resistant product, ready for work in the field under difficult conditions. A camera capable of withstanding temporary submersion.

Ready for the field

A well-designed, shock-resistant product

Complete management of your designs

  • Mechanical design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Production of a working mockup
  • Technical drawings
  • Prototype design
  • Certification tests
Design boitier IP67

Ingenious solutions

Tak Design allowed us to convert our idea into a reality by finding ingenious solutions to several technical challenges and supporting us in the design for manufacturing. The launch of our first product greatly benefited from the Tak Design team’s expertise and would not have been accomplished so quickly without them.

Frédéric Laurin Lalonde, Founder & Product Developer, Senior Industrial Designer

Congratulations on your 15th anniversary

Congratulations, Tak Design, on your 15th anniversary. We have worked together from the beginning and all our projects have been successes.

François Cournoyer, President, CEC inc.

Dynamic and professional

Tak has one of the most dynamic and professional teams I know. Perfectly consistent for many years, they seem like part of the family. They all have the knowledge to carry out any project successfully, big or small.

Marc Tremblay Precicast

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